Terms & Condition

Post COVID-19 Conditions of Carriage

1. As per Government of India directive “vulnerable persons such as very elderly, pregnant ladies, passengers with health issues are advised to avoid air travel”

2. Passengers to familiarize and follow the social distancing norms as required at the airport premises.

3. Entry into the airport terminal will be permitted only with suitable PPE, at least with a face mask.

4. Follow all self sanitisation norms, as applicable, at the airport.

5. In case any symptoms of COVID-19, passengers may be debarred from entry into the airport or air travel by appropriate authorities.

6. Passengers will be subjected to thermal scanning at different checkpoints during the course of the travel.

7. All passengers must fill up the health form electronically (provided here) prior to reaching the airport.

8. All passengers shall download and install the Aarogya Setu app on their mobile phones prior to reaching the airport (Not mandatory for children below 14yrs of age). Airport terminal entry will be denied to any passengers whose status is “Red” in the Aarogya Setu app.

9. Passengers must reach the airline check-in counter 3-hours before departure time considering the special protocol being followed for COVID-19 precautions. The passengers must account for the longer queue before entry into the terminal building.

10. Passenger must cooperate with all the agencies at the airport for specific COVID-19 precautions.

11. Passengers are to self-scan their e-boarding pass and show their identity cards to the airline staff before boarding.

12. Passengers must don the PPE provided by the airline before entering the aircraft.

13. Passengers are requested to carry minimum cabin baggage subject to a maximum limit of 7kgs/ 115cm

14. Only 01 piece of check-in baggage will be allowed up to a maximum of 15kgs per passenger on domestic flights. Each additional bag will be charged at Rs.750. Excess baggage will be charged as applicable over and above the Additional bag charge.

15. Only 01 piece of check-in baggage will be allowed up to a maximum of 30kgs per passenger for flights ex-UAE. Each additional bag will be charged at AED 30. Excess baggage will be charged as applicable over and above the Additional bag charge.

16. All passengers are advised that no cash transactions will be entertained and digital transactions will be the accepted means.

17. Passengers are strongly advised only to use their personal vehicles or authorised taxis for travel to and from the airport.

18. All passengers are advised to do web check-in and print boarding passes or carry the same in their mobile phones before arriving at the airport. Please note that there would no physical check in at airport counters.

19. Passengers must occupy the seat allocated to them.

20. Passengers denied travel due to any COVID-19 precautions will be permitted to change their date of travel without any penalty.

21. Passengers may expect limited access to F&B outlets, lounges, prayer rooms, smoking rooms etc.

22. All customers are advised that there will be no F&B service on board except for drinking water. Passengers would not be allowed to consume any eatables onboard.

23. Passengers to discard all PPEs in Yellow coloured bins only.

24. Passengers will be allowed to carry liquids upto 100ml and hand sanitizer upto 350ml in cabin baggage.

25. A passenger carrying a forged Barcoded Boarding Pass (BCBP) will not be entitled to any right to travel. The said BCBP will not create any confusion with the system, as the official information regarding this is stored in our application. This document is being issued only for the ease of processing.