Safety Culture

Pilots and Cabin Crew Competency and Training

CityLink operates all its aircraft with a minimum crew compliment of two. The reason we do this is twofold, for better workload management and distribution resulting in improved performance of flying duties and as a safety precaution in the event of an emergency.

Our pilots learn safe aircraft manipulation through rigorous aircraft simulation training programs provided by Flight Safety International – the world leader in aviation training.
Initial recruitment of our pilots and cabin crew is a thorough process which is in accordance with qualification requirements stipulated by SSCAA.
Our Pilots also perform pilot proficiency checks every year and undergo recurrent training in Crew Resource Management, Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods Regulations Training.

Our Pilots, as well as our Cabin Crew , undergo Safety & Emergency Procedures Training to enhance their preparedness in managing safety-related occurrences in the cabin in which they undertake emergency evacuation drills as well as fire fighting drills.